Lykwols Bliid the Frisian name of the house and means ‘nevertheless happy’ or ‘happy nonetheless’. The name stands for more than the story of Lykwols Bliid 50 years in simple black letters on the boulder to the road. The boulder was found by Jannes’ father while cultivating the land he had acquired after the land consolidation in 1963. They used a wooden farm wagon to take this whopper to the corner of the meadow. The boulder was the landmark of dad’s new farm.

This brand new farm land consolidation was the first farm on the north side of the Alddjip. Initially the Haarsma family lived here without electricity or telephone. They used their bike to get a vet. The dairy farm was Jannes’ father’s dream while working as a cheesemaker and he acquired a small herd. At their home in Siegerswoude the space in the small old house was not adequate for the dairy cows and young cattle. With this land consolidation Haarsma could finally live his dream to start a dairy farm which his two boys could continue later. And so the family moved to the Mersken with their two teenage sons.

Due to the fact that many people said that this venture of 63 year old Haarsma was bound to fail, ‘dad’ decided to put the words Lykwols Bliid on the boulder. However it will go, whatever happens, dad was grateful and felt “lykwols bliid. The two sons had both found a wife, and in 1968 both families moved into Lykwols Bliid. Mom and dad, now retired, decided to move to a retirement home in the village of Frieschepalen. After several years a house was built for Jannes and Wieke on the land next to Lykwols Bliid. The large boulder marked from that moment on the corner of their own garden. Brother Jan was living with his wiffe in Lykwols Bliid. In the nineties, Jan had to quit his farm work for health reasons. Since then Jannes is running the dairy farm on his own.

Lykwols Bliid is now rented out as a holiday home for lovers of rural life. Guests can feel “lykwols bliid” here.