Tips for Trips!
From ‘Lykwols Bliid’ it is about 5 km to Bakkeveen where you can visit the estate: Slotplaats. It is a noble forest area with stately avenues. The classic Slotplaats has been transformed into a cozy tearoom. In the villages of Beetsterzwaag and Olterterp, less than 10 km away, you can taste the rich history of the Frisian nobility. Again, beautiful forests and estate Lauswolt showing one of the finest golf courses in the country. Beetsterzwaag is also known for its many art galleries, quaint shops and wonderful restaurants. The history of the bog you can find in and around Nij Beets, with “veenderijmuseum the Damshûs”. There is so much to discover in Friesland and the Frisian Woodlands!

All information will be available in the holiday home.
Bicycle Rentals: Meinsma Wijnjewoude T 0516 541268 It is possible to have the bicycles delivered to the house.
Recreatie & Wellness Swimming Pool (open air) Dúndelle in Bakkeveen Landelijke Wellness: Small saltwater inside swimming pool, beauty parlour and pedicure. De Mersken 14,  Ureterp T 0512-301 936
Riding School and Stables. Bakkeveen   T 0516 – 541105
Shopping Local shops: Ureterp, Bakkeveen, Wijnjewoude Towns and City’s: Drachten. Leeuwarden, Groningen.